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Bonus inclusions

All SugarGum Estate blocks come with numerous bonus inclusions valued up to $14,250, providing you with outstanding value for money. Here is everything you need to know about what is included.

Environment extras

As part of our commitment to sustainability and innovation, SugarGum Estate is offering all residents a rebate on energy efficient extras, including solar panels and a smart thermostat, valued up to $7,250. Plus, you’ll receive a wi-fi irrigation controller to help keep your watering on track.


Receive up to $7,000 on 3kw solar panels

It’s not often you can get your solar panels paid for when you build a new home. At SugarGum Estate, you can receive up to $7,000 on solar panels. To access the rebate, you’ll be required to install a 3kw PV system and if you are interested in installing a system that enables battery storage, you can also get a rebate on a 3kw PV system with a 2kw effective battery storage unit. We’ll refund you up to $4,000 on a 3kw PV system and up to $7,000 on the same unit with 2kw effective battery storage. You will be rebated the exact amount you paid for the solar panels, up to the value of $7,000. Now that’s value!

To be eligible for the solar panel rebate you need to meet the solar panel requirements. You’ll need to install a 3kw capacity solar panel (photo voltaic panels) with net metering consumption. Installed systems must be installed by a licenced electrician and Clean Energy Council installers and comply with all Western Power requirements and qualify for WA’s Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme (REBS). To receive all or part of the $7,000 payment, you will need to present your paid invoice for the panels to Department of Communities within 24 months of the completion of your home.

Smart thermostat bonus

Smart thermostats can be used with home automation and are responsible for controlling a home’s heating and/or air conditioning. Smart thermostats can save you $62 annually on your power bills. At SugarGum Estate you can get a rebate on smart thermostat valued at $250.

To be eligible for the Smart Thermostat or Air Conditioning Rebate you must arrange for either your builder or a suitably qualified installer to install either:
a) A smart thermostat (Nest Learning Thermostat, Honeywell lyric or Ecobee 4) or b) An energy efficient air conditioning unit (with COP.32.0 and ERR>3.00). You must arrange for the builder or installer to provide signed written notice on their company letterhead advising of the completion of the installation of the smart thermostat or energy efficient air conditioning unit in your home.

Waterwise garden bonus

If you’re interested in a low maintenance garden that uses less water, then opt in for the complimentary front waterwise garden, valued at $3,500. This includes reticulation, native plants and a WIFI irrigation controller, valued at $600. which helps you optimise sprinkler run time based on local weather conditions. You can save 15% water use on gardens by not watering after it has just rained or is going to rain, allowing you to still maintain a healthy, beautifully landscaped garden.

Fencing included

To kick start your home ownership journey, SugarGum Estate will look after your fencing for your home. All blocks include rear and side retaining. Six weeks prior to your home being completed you’ll need to submit a request form to claim your free fencing.